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Disclaimer: This site is dedicated to Queen of Swords and Young Blades fanfiction as well as Highlander fanfic. The other people's stories link features all Highlander stories at the moment(Including Jim Guy's Minefields of the Mind--purple thong included--sorry Jo).   My Queen of Swords fanfic will now be archived under 'QoS Stories' (previously 'My Stories'), and my Young Blades fanfic will have its own section.  All QOS and Highlander characters and concepts belong to Panzer-Davis (and/or Fireworks Entertainment--I'm still not quite straight on that one). Young Blades characters and concepts property of Insight Studios.  No infringment intended.  Just having fun.
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The Rainbow Bridge--a poem by an anonymous author dedicated to pets who have passed on. I posted it here as a tribute to the family pets who have gone on to the lovely bridge described in the poem.   Make sure you have a hanky ready before you read it.

Other People's Stories
Activist Project--For my final project in English 371--Women and the Media, I created a website about the censorship of gay/lesbian content on network television. The site is a work in progress, but if you're interested, it can be viewed here
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