Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the difference between a toy & miniature poodle?
Toy poodles are 10 inches or under at the highest point of the shouder.  They are the tiniest members of the poodle family.

Miniature poodles are under 15 inches but cannot be less then 10 inches  at the shoulder.  They are the "mid-sized" members of the poodle family.
2. Are poodles easily trained, how long do they usually live, & are they good with children?
Poodles are very intelligent good natured dogs.  They are easily trainable & make excellent companions.

The lifespan of a poodle is usually 10-18 years.

They are very good with children but, as with any dog, young children should always be supervised.
3. Do they require a lot of grooming?
They can require a bit more grooming then other breeds.  If the coat is left unclipped it does need regular daily care.

If the coat is clipped it's much easier to take care of.  
4. Do they shed a lot?
No,  they are almost a non-shedding breed.
5. Do they make good watchdogs?
Yes, they make excellent watchdogs & are not known for a lot of senseless barking. 
6. Where do you keep your dogs/pups?
All of our dogs/pups are house pets.  They have their own fenced in yard, but prefer to spend thier time on the couch!
7. Can I have a puppy shipped ?
Yes, we can arrange for shipping either via air or ground.  But, due to the size of our pups we will not ship them till they are at least 9 weeks. Shipping is not included in the puppies price and does vary usually between $200-$350 depending on the method used.
8. Do you guarantee you puppies?
Yes, All of our puppies come with a LIFETIME guarantee!
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