Driving Rules For Top Secret S.I.

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I. Driving Checks

  1. The driver of the vehicle takes damage from an opponent’s attack.
  2. An obstacle or curve is encountered and the vehicle is travelling too fast to negotiate the hazard automatically. A turn of 45 degrees or less requires a driving check if the vehicle is moving 50 mph or more. A turn of 45 to 90 degrees requires a driving check at 25 mph or more. Turns greater than 90 degrees are not possible unless you select one of the special maneuvers (pg 84 – 85).
  3. A tire blows out, or is shot out (page 87).
  4. The vehicle is damaged by an attack that is not serious enough to call for a roll on the crash table (pg 86)
  5. The driver performs one of the special maneuvers.
  6. The Admin decides your vehicle would have trouble in a situation which would upset another vehicle. For example, driving a jeep through a ditch wouldn’t be any trouble at all. Taking a Ferrari through the same ditch might give your character a –50 modifier to his or her driving check.

II. Vehicle Performance Ratings

Special Maneuvers


IV. Safety Equipment

V. Vehicles in combat (pg 87)

VI. Combined Actions

The Administrator will determine if you can combine a special maneuver and attack. If you can, the skill check for each action will be at .

VII. Reality Rules for Weapons and Armor

There are five types of armor represented as Hard Cover (HC1-5). Certain attacks will function against certain HC values but not against others.

The following items are stopped at each level of hard cover:

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