Overweight (1, 2, or 3 points)

Overweight characters have a number of limita­tions with regard to their physical activities. These increase in seriousness with the number of points spent on the disadvantage.


1-point Overweight is a little bit on the chubby side. The character is out of shape, and has an endurance rating as if his CON were 10 points less than it was. (CON never drops below 10 for this purpose.)


2-Point Overweight is obviously fat, with the effects of endurance halved (if both Overweight and Short-winded, effects for endurance are quar­tered). MOV for running at top speed is halved as well.


3-Point Overweight is grossly overweight, with the effects of 2-point Overweight, plus difficulty fitting into normal furniture. Movement faster than walking speed not permitted.


Overweight characters can reduce their effects by a combination of exercise and diet. In game terms, this is reflected by the character declaring such, and putting aside one Fame & Fortune point for each point of Overweight to be reduced.


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