These poems were all written by a girl on TOD. The link to her diary is: whybother
WARNING: Some poems may be triggering!

Her parents walk around the house and call and call and call,
And they finally find her, bloody, slumped up against the wall.
Why did she do this?
Why did she end it this way?
Lets go back in time, to earlier that day.
A knife was on the table,
The temptation was too much,
Why did all the kids hate her?
What made them tease her as such?
Was it because she was "different"?
Was it because she wasn't "cool"?
All of their rude comments
Made her dread going to school.
She figured she had nothing left to live for,
No one in the world to run to.
Maybe thats what makes people like her
Do what they do.
It felt like she was already dead,
What difference did it make If she made it final, and bled?
All their inhumane insults,
Finally pushed her off the ledge.
She picked up the knife,
Felt it's razor edge,
And plunged it deep inside her
Through her already broken heart.
The image pierced her parents mind,
Like a posioned Amazon dart.
In the pools of blood,
They found all her pain,
Given to her by her peers,
Only looking to gain.
To all those nasty teens
Who made fun of my friend
I wonder if you know that you killed her,
A wound I can never help mend.
You can never know my pain,
Or for that matter, hers,
You will never know the strife
That from her death occurs.
Maybe I wasn't there for her enough,
It's probably my fault
I guess I even I couldn't protect her
From all your assults.
Then you have the nerve
To ask me how she died.
The answer, I fear, is simple.
I love you and I miss you Jessi.
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