Hi! I'm Stace, and you can email me here anytime, about anything. I created this site to help self-injurers, and inform people of the truths -not myths- of SI. However, I do not promote SI, EDs, or anything like them. Surf around, but I'll warn you now that some of the stuff on here may be very triggering, although I will try to warn you beforehand if a certain thing is. Don't forget to sign my guestbook! I can't make the site better if you don't tell me how!

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Stace's Note: updated 10-2-05
          PLEASE READ
      I AM BACK ONLINE! I figured out how to get Geocities to work with my comp. I will be doing a few more updates now!
       Apparently, on my page for unknown/anonymous poetry, I had some poems that were not credited to a person, which I did not realize. That page has somehow been deleted (or at least I can't find it), so I can not take those poems off, but I would like to apologize to the writer. I'm sorry!!
      I would LOVE ideas for the site, if you have any at all. So, please
Email me (or sign the guestbook) with any ideas you have about the site. I'm open to just about anything, and I WILL give you credit for it. :)
I realized that the poets DAndrea, Edwinna's, OneStepCloser, Gen, Sonic Temple, and Tiffy Poo's diary links don't work, and I don't have an email for them. Also, Sweet Kyss' story has no working link currently. If that's you, email me!
      I live for input! :) If you would like a reply but don't feel like emailing me (or can't, whatever), just leave your email address in the guestbook entry and tell me to email you back. I will, but I only personally reply to guestbook entries if asked to.

                               love always,
   I am a member of 16 different webrings. :) For more information on any of the webrings, please visit the sites. Also, check out the other sites on it, & thanks for visiting "The Darkest Days"!!
                                                                                Love always,
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