These poems were all written by Stephanie Faye Moore. Email her here.
WARNING: Some poems may be triggering!
The girl in the mirror

When I look in the glass,
I see anger and fear
Deep in the eyes
of the girl in the mirror
This girl who once
looked up to the stars
But whose arms and legs
Are now covered in scars
I see the pain
And the hate in her eyes
At first I wonder
What she could despise
Then I turn away,
And shed a tear
For that tortured soul
For the girl in the mirror
I cry, for I know
I always knew
That she hates herself
And I hate me, too.
Torn Reflections

At first I saw a girl with scars in tattered black clothes.
Her mouth an ugly scowl, underneith a wretched nose.
She was in a corner, this young girl so very thin.
So depressed as she starred at her own torn skin.
Quietly, without a sound, she walked to the center of the floor,
There she abrubtly stopped, and moved no more.
It was then that I saw, the chains that held her legs.
On each link inscribed the four words "you're better off dead"
In the quiet of this place, tension was very strong.
As one ribbon floated down to her, she knew it was all too wrong.
It was wrapped around her outstretched arm carved in her skin
Then without warning, a shower came of red ribbons
They swirrled and moved around her in a big cocoon.
I couldn't hear any protest, I thought she'd be dead soon.
I wanted to help her, I didn't want to go,
What was going on? I honestly didn't know.
Suddenly, the ribbons broke away, landing on the ground.
No longer bright red, but ugly black and brown.
They were scattered in every single direction,
and all that left standing, was her very own reflection.
Still very thin, and had the exact same nose,
but she had changed, and not just her clothes.
She looked healthy, this girl in pure white.
So sweet you could feel the innocence in her eyes.
Now I heard sounds, music richer then ever before,
What had happened? I had to know more.
I went to ask the girl, but she frightened me.
I stood there not knowing until a voice said "She's free".
I turned to see a young man standing there.
He was tall with dark eyes, and beautiful brown hair.
Who are you? and who is she I finally asked.
She is you, but she is now free from her past.
She used to live in fear, and bound in chains.
She is free now, but the memories will remain.
She is you, living in your body with your soul.
You must not forget your values, nor your goals.
"Will I survive, with this new world and life?"
"Yes dear, you no longer need to live through lies."
She wanted to hug him, and always be near,
she had no more worries, and no more fears.
Her past was being eraced, she could feel alive.
She wanted to run to his arms, to stay at his side.
But he is just a belief, in each one of us all,
If we live through God, we can get up when we fall.
Right then in there, she dropped to her knees,
thanked him above, she now finally believed.
The torn reflections, were put together again,
now the scars can heal, and the wounds can mend.

Why did you break the glass
That very first time
And hold it to your wrists
Why didn't you see the sign
When you made that first cut
And you felt tremendous relief
You should have known then
That it was too good to believe
How could you feel so good
Doing something so wrong
You didn't see the consequences
That would come along
Cutting, burning, tearing and scratching
How could something like this
Feel so relaxing
The scars on your arms
The burns on your face
The questions were asked
But you waved them away
I won't shed tears anymore

I won't shed tears anymore,
I refuse to cry.
I'm a big girl, they said,
Tears, are just a way to hide.
I won't shed tears anymore,
Not to anyone else,
I'll only shed them for me,
when I am alone with myself.
I won't shed tears anymore,
I'm a big girl,
I'm just confused and lost,
in this really big world.
I won't shed tears anymore,
don't be mad.
You always told me not to,
it's not right to be sad.
I won't shed tears anymore,
I'll "grow up" like you say,
I'll find comfort somewhere else,
I'll find a razor blade.
I won't shed tears anymore,
You said they are wrong,
I'll be a big girl,
I'll be brave and strong.
I won't shed tears anymore,
you won't have to fight,
You'll always see a smile,
even tho I cut at night.
I won't shed tears anymore,
nope, i won't let you see me cry,
and when they ask what's wrong,
I'll make them believe I'm fine.
I won't shed tears anymore,
dad, im growing fast.
See, I don't have to cry again,
your wish, at last.
I won't shed tears anymore,
even tho the cost is pain.
I'll take it out on me,
It's all just the same.
I won't shed tears anymore,
not till the day I die,
and even then,
I'll still refuse to cry.
I won't shed tears anymore,
even if the cost is my life,
it doesn't matter now,
I've found comfort in the knife.
I won't shed tears anymore,
no, im too good for them,
you said it not me,
you said it again and again.
I won't shed tears anymore,
just leave me be.
I want to be alone,
and finally be free.
I Couldn't Fly

My friends have gone away,
and my family has too,
I know what I need to accompolish,
and I know what I need to do.

I never wanted very much,
I just need to get away,
maybe I'll return here
in another life someday.

I began to wonder,
if they would notice me go,
but I found what I needed,
I wanted to fly the most.

They didn't notice the change,
in the sound of my voice,
I wish I could say I regret it,
but in the end I had no choice.

I had attempted to live,
and I lost everytime.
This life wasn't much for me,
it was never truly mine.

love was always lost,
only pain was real,
then I began to notice,
the scars never healed.

I scratched myself,
trying to make it end,
but it would start over,
before I could even begin.

I made up my mind,
to carry out my dream,
it's not just what I want,
but more of what I need.

I climbed up the ladder,
then I started to cry,
for when I jumped to the ground,
I realized I couldn't fly.
Innocent Game

Slit my wrist,
rape my soul,
beat me, break me,
till I'm cold.

Stop this life,
this f**king game,
scar me, harm me,
I'm still the same.

Reveal the wrist,
leave the mark,
let death control,
and take it's part.

The sharp edge,
the crimson red,
flesh to be torn,
leaving me dead.

The soul at rest,
the gravestone remains,
all because of this,
one innocent game.
How can you say I'm beautiful?

How can you say I'm beautiful?
Is it me your really see?
Are you starring at someone else?
Because beautiful is just not me.

How can you say I'm beautiful?
When I'm trapped in my own lies,
I wear nothing of a smile,
only a thick disguise.

How can you say I'm beautiful?
When I cut my own skin,
deep down I loathe and hate,
my own very reflection.

How can you say I'm beautiful?
I feel like a disease.
I'm not good enough for you,
but you are what I need.

How can you say I'm beautiful?
I know you never lie,
but when you say those words to me,
I feel the need to cry.

How can you say I'm beautiful?
And mean it with your heart,
the one I refused times before,
the one I tore apart.

How can you say I'm beautiful?
When I've caused nothing but tears,
I've never helped one single person,
through all my lonely years.

How can you say I'm beautiful?
With a smile on your face,
I am just so used and ugly,
nothing but a disgrace.

How can you say I'm beautiful?
Can you say it one more time?
Someday I hope to believe you,
and call you once more as mine.
Within Her Misery

Hiding within her misery,
not knowing what to do.
It's a deep cold world,
and no way to pull through.
She knows not what hurts,
nor what matters deep within....
Just trapped in her misery,
trapped in her own sin.
Fighting with her body
mind and soul at war
her own freedom at sake
and flesh has been torn.
Is suicide an option?
It will solve it all...
but when I grab the knife,
I always seem to stall.
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