These poems were all written by OneStepCloser, a girl who used to be on TeenOpenDiary. However, her diary was deleted for whatever reason, so I no longer have a current link OR email for her. If this is you, EMAIL ME!!
WARNING: Some poems may be triggering!
Choking On Hatred

Having to loathe myself
Because you've taught me to
Has taken away my freedom
Despising the open door you've caused me to fear
The one that would give me chances in life
Has taken away my independence
Fearing the air around me that I should breathe
But that seems poisoned because you've assured me it kills
Has made me stop living inside my mind
But my heart still hurts
I still have feelings, for they cannot die out
But in every possible way
You've left me breathless
And I don't think I'll ever stop choking on your hatred
Ending My Life

I don't know why
But why can't I
Learn to live
Instead to die
Perhaps I've lived too much
Too ample
That it has resulted in feeling like death
So give me a sample
Of a pefect life
Let it take over
Don't let it end in this strife...
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