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Sick Life

Iím sick to death of all these fears. How bad were things compared to this? Lies corner me and I wonít run. For my family Iíll do what has to be done.

These times are hard but together weíll hold strong, living on more than hope because we know our time will come.

Been forced to fight in the past but we stood our ground. Those who said weíd never make it where are they now?

Now here we stand in the face of our fears, got no regrets and itís too late for tears. Now is the time to make the most of our lives, weíve built something that will never die.

No time.

No time for frenemies, theyíll betray themselves in the end. Fuck those whoíll never understand, weíll laugh as they die by their own hands.
Thanks to Teri for this!
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Behind These Eyes

All I want to do is live my life true, past the pain you put me through. All around me all I see is suffering, I want to live life for me. Surrounded by depravity, in the face of adversity, I try to struggle on, my lifeís almost gone, Iím seeking clarity.

No one knows whatís behind these eyes, Iím a man alone Iíve turned the tide.

You expect me to trust when everyone I see is a threat to me?

You expect me to trust when everyone I see is an enemy?

Iíve tried so hard to do the best I can, to become a better man but all around me all I see is apathy. Itís not how I thought it would be. I donít care anymore. Been hurt too many times before but Iíll struggle on, my lifeís almost gone, my lifeline ripped and torn.

Fuck it all I live my life for me.
Thanks to Teri for this!

Still donít truly understand when things started to go wrong. Was it me? Why didnít I see the need for some stability? Couldnít open my mouth for the sounds to come out but inside I screamed. Crushed everything I was raised to believe. Raised to believe.

Now I need this music in my life, still the pain wonít go and Iíll live with it Ďcoz itís all I know. Where would I be if I didnít shout about it at every show? ĎCoz itís all I know.

In every town and city we go, this ainít no joyride, you would be proud, if you were still around. Scars from the bad times just wonít go. Forced to remember everyday from when I open my eyes.

Everything I am, say and do, all a gift from you. Itís a cold, cold world Iím living in here and now without you.

Time changed us all, Ďround in circles for so much time. We faced the pain but my help was out of range.

Iíll always ask myself, what if I could have reached? Could you have managed to rearrange?

Broken hopes, broken dreams. Broke my heart when you stopped yourís.Fuck it all I live my life for me.
Thanks to Teri for this!
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