These poems were all written by Edwinna, a girl who used to be on TeenOpenDiary. However, her diary was deleted for whatever reason, so I no longer have a current link OR email for her. If this is you, EMAIL ME!!
WARNING: Some poems may be triggering!
Something Is Wrong

When a 'people person' suddenly wants to be alone
Something's wrong
When life no longer has meaning
Something's wrong
When you no longer care about anything
Something's wrong
When living no longer matters
Something's wrong

When an energetic person sinks into depression
Something's wrong
When love no longer hurts
Something's wrong
When you ache so much inside and you crave the bliss insanity brings
Something's wrong
When you wish for death more than anything else
Something Is Wrong
Cell of Depression

I sink in and out of depression
Normalicy is just a dream
There is no hesitation
When I tell you the status of my brain

But words cannot describe
Accurately enough
Exactly why my feelings I hide
Maybe 'cause I've always been the one who's tough

I'm the ear that listens
I give the comfort that you seek
I'm the shoulder people cry on
When holding back becomes too much

I have been here
For everyone to use
But I fear I cannot take
Much more of this abuse

My spirit is near to broken
My heart is beaten and battered
I begin to feel
That not much matters

I dream dreams
Of you and me
But then I wake up
To reality

Reality hurts
And knowing the truth
And knowing there isn't
Much you can do

I sit here and write
And think to myself
What can I do
To be free of this cell

Life is hell
We're born to die
Not so you say
But that's a lie

When you come into this world
You begin the road to death
You might work hard at life
And gain a little wealth

But always towards the end
You realize this is true
And prepare yourself for the death
That has always been around you

Born to live
Born to die
Born to see
Born ones die
A Longing

I wish someone
Would kill me now
Why must I survive

I don't see why
I have to live
When I long to die

This day has been
Worse than bad
Someone kill me now

For maybe then
I'll find the peace
That I long to have

I truly hope
It will come
Any day at all

I can't stay here
Longer now
I long to leave this place

I'll close my eyes
And strongly wish
To be gone when I awake
The Cut

A red slash
In the skin
Blood revealing
What's within

The depression
Ate away
What was once
Good this day

A needed outlet
For the woe
And so the slash
Made it go

Red lines
On the top
Tells when
When to stop

Pretty soon
The blood will flow
Hopefully releasing
My bitter sorrow

Oh dear Jesus
I think I may
Have screwed up royally
On this day

The blood is flowing
All too fast
Soon the present
Shall be the past

The bright light
Is growing dim
I feel a force
Sucking me in

This will be
My lasy goodbye
But I asked for this
So please don't cry

The last of my strength
I spend on you
To wave my hand
And say I love you
Invisible Chains

I am bound
By chains of steel
Though not seen
They're no less real

I often try
To leave them behind
But where I go
They seem to find

It seems to me
They bind me tight
They capture my limbs
Where I cannot fight

I struggle hard
Ceaselessly so
But to no avail
They won't let go

Soon I tire
Surrender the fight
I'll find peace
In the night

Another death
Another one addicted
Just one more
Lonely statistic

The last shout
The final cry
They bid this world
A short good-bye

One more death
On a lonely night
They gaze at it
Eyes full of fright

The final decision
Don't want to die
But it's too late
You're going to fly

Today there's fog
No sun in sight
Why doesn't it stop
I think it might
The skies are dreary
Bleak and dim
My eyes are weary
From searching them

But want as I may
It does not ease
This horrid day
Goes on to spite me

Darkness doesn't fade
And light stays dark
The shadows have betrayed
What's buried in my heart
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