These poems were all written by Bri. The link to her site is: Bittersweet Crimson Tears -Thanks Bri!!!
WARNING: Some poems may be triggering!
Dark Sunshine

I run through this maze
Of dark sunshine
My true self
I try to find
I see the marks
Of times before
Times I tried
To even the score
Do I fight with myself
Or with the past
Things that are temporary
Or things that last
I wander through
This dark sunshine
Competing with the emotions
Of my mind

White snow
As white as my soul
Before I bled
And fell into this hole
Cold, damp
Like my spirit has become
Misunderstood by many
Accepted by some
Falling fast
Down to the ground
So much is happening
But there is no sound

I yell for someone
To understand
As I fell the sand
Slpping through my hands
People turn away
Friendships fall apart
Wondering what happened
To my deteriorating heart
My soul is bleeding
In broad daylight
But everyone pretends
It's out of sight
What happened to those
Who told me everything was alright
I have been abandoned
Alone I must fight
I scream for anyone
But silence fills the air
What happened to those
Who supposedly cared
Untitled - (as of right now)

so much shit
has happened in my life
can you blame me
for grabbing the knife?
I slowly let out
all my pain and suffering
the hurt inside
seems like a dream
The release is short-lived
the shit comes back to stake it's claim
seeping into my conscienous mind
don't want to play this fu*ked up game
memories flood my every thought
there's no where left to hide
all the abuse, all the neglect
exploding on the inside
better swallow hard
and shove them down
to these deamons
i may be eternally bound

I went to all the sessions
I played your little games
funny how in the end
you just stayed the same
dependent on me as ever
need everyone by your side
you live and breathe on sympathy
that's how you feel alive
denial is how you cope
with all the wrong you still do
"nothing can ever be your fault"
but to thine own self be true

wrist cutting
soul bleeding
dying inside
anger feeding
excuses mounting
dependancy showing
ignorance covering
loneliness growing
pain overtaking
stregenth dwindling
blood abounding
true weakness has been seen

The sight, the taste
of the only living thing running though my veins
I wonder, will it
take away this unbearable pain
I try, so desperately
to get it out of my lifeless body
It doesn't belong
Why can't anyone else see?

Clear tears are for those who are innocent
Those who are pure
Those who are good
Red tears are for those who are suffering
Those who are damaged
Those who are in pain
Some people don't shed tears
They are numb
They are dead
They are like me.
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