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I Do Not
Own This Stuff
First off, for The Marvel Super-Heroes Role Playing Game has been copyrighted (©)by TSR. Nothing on this page is intended to imply anything different. No challenge is made to any of their ownership rights, whatsoever. This Page is merely meant as a gaming aid, to provide resources that TSR has not.

Some of the characters herein belong to DC Comics, and others belong to Marvel Comics. There are even some here that I made up myself. I make no claim to any previously published characters, no matter which company owns them. (However, my characters are likewise mine; feel free to use them in your own campaigns, or whatever.)

Role-playing games are NOT inherently Satanic! Believe me, I've heard and read numerous rants to the contrary (usually about D&D), and I just don't get the "arguments" made. I don't even understand the basis of the objections. Mind you, I've wrapped my mind around some difficult concepts (a couple of philosophy and poli-sci courses still make my head hurt to think about them, years later), and most of these anti-RPG diatribes lack any kind of intellectual merit whatsoever. In general, they tend to be based on fuzzy Biblical interpretations, and contain numerous misrepresentations of fact. If you don't believe me, check out this Anti-D&D rant. The author has been tried and convicted of murder, and I suppose he feels the need to blame his problems on something. Just consider the source. 'Nuff said.


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