House and Home
I can admit that I like to watch Oprah. I especially love shows where her chef Art Smith cooks, and shows on decorating ... here's her site.
Nigella Lawson - The domestic Goddess
If you love all things decadent in the kitchen, come visit with Nigella, it's true ... she's a Goddess :-)
Martha Stewart
I just love to decorate, and if you're looking for ideas for your home, Martha Stewart's website is inspirational!
Burke's Backyard
If you're Australian, and a gardener, you really must visit this site ... but I'm sure if you're really an Aussie, you know all about it anyway!

Steven Wright
This guy is one of my all time favourite comedians. I saw him live in Adelaide, I never laughed so much before!
The last page of the internet ...
And you thought you'd seen everything :-)

Friends ... I do have lots more, they just don't have websites :-)
Dark White's Page
Darkie is one of my oldest friends. Take a look at his page, he's a master at website design.

Adelaide (Aussie Rules) Football Club 'The Crows'
Need I say more?
Ask Jeeves
This is a great search engine. You should be able to find anything here!

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