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Studebaker Street Rods
A web site dedicated the the preservation and restoration of modified and customized Studebaker Cars and Trucks-E-mail me for more info-See my other web site Welcome to my web-page--
It will take me a while to build up my links but hopefully this will again be a site to find out about the Hot Rod Studes as they used to call them.
Also this site will occasionally focus on cheap and affordable project Studebaker cars and trucks; I will continue to peruse the ads and hopefully find something for everyone.
My name is Myno Van Dykeand I have been a member of the Studebaker Drivers Club for 25 years  Owned at least 30 or so Studebakers and in the last ten years or so started modifying them. We own a modified and slightly customized '58 Scotsman 2 door sedan.; Have a look at the photo- those fins were not on the car originally.. This '39 replica  Studebaker Coupe Express is a nice ride too and you can buy a complete glass kit for one now- have a look at this one.  See my story on how to put BMW seats in your Stude..Here is the finished rear seat here is the story link..     
Studebaker Street Rod Links-
Here are some sites you need to look at to build a nice Stude Street Rod:

Quick Street Rods- Detailed with photos on how to subframe a Studebaker M5 Pickup truck
Fatman Fabrications
-Sells the Mustang 2 (now any of the newer Mustang steering racks will work) for your Stude truck or car-also their site shows how to install it (in a 40 Chev, but you will get the idea)
- Located in South Bend, Indiana- right in the old Studebaker factory-an unbelievable number of new Stude parts
Turner Brake-bolt on disc brakes for your Stude truck or car
Classic Enterprises
- Provides replacement panels-sheet metal, floors for Studebakers
Studebaker Vendors
- Lots of Stude stuff including vehicles for sale and wanted
Studebaker Drivers Club
- Probably the best car club out there-a great monthly magazine "Turning Wheels and lots of info-over 13,000 members can't be wrong- -Chapters all over North America- Also Europe and Australia/New Zealand too-- Please Join
Studebaker Swap Page- Probably the Best site on the net for getting parts and vehicles-ads are free
Hot Rod Swag-
So-Cal Gear- Hot Rod Art, Dust Collectors and neat accessories-Darren Graham-Cobourg, Ont.

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Local Stude enthusiast Ian Graham (and owner of Graham's Garage in Haydon, Ontario-just brought home this '50 Commander Starlite Coupe-(had the bigger engine so the front clip is a bit longer.. it had been parked in an airplane hanger for 25 years. Needs a lot of TLC but lots of potential- Ian wants to sell it-call him at 905-263-8172 (east of Toronto, Ont.
Just got back from the big Studebaker Driver's Club National Meet in South Bend Indiana (June/07) .  Great turnout - lots of Avanti's and Packards showed up to- guestimates are about 800-1000 cars and lots of people.  The new South Bend National Museum is simply awesome!   Had to go back a second time- congratulations to the City of South Bend for building one of the best car museums in the world.. Also lots of modified Studes there.. I took a bunch of photos and will upload them shortly.   My friend Ian Graham drove his modified '37 Coupe Express and we went to drag races at Osceola - It took Ian a few tries to get the hang of it but on the last run he beat this 64 Lark R2 Stude- the Coupex hit 94 mph in the quarter-nice work Ian..
'38 Commander- Custom outside the Studebaker Museum
The Packard people were not impressed but I really liked this '54 (I think) Packard converted to a pickup..
I am sure a few Hawk owners were alsonot impressed but you gotta love this '57 or so Hawk also made into a pickup
Here is a '50 or so pickup with an older Jeep wagon grafted onto the rear- What a Woody Wagon!!! 
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