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Welcome to the Axel Stenross Maritime Museum, Port Lincoln, South Australia.

This site is dedicated to Axel Stenross, a boat builder who hailed from the era of sail. To the men who built and sailed the sailing ships that helped settle this country and built commerce around the globe. And to the sail makers and their sail making skills and to all the other artisans who help fit out and maintain the great sailing ships. It is our sincere hope that this site does them and their memories credit.

The Axel Stenross Maritime Museum, is a museum with a marked difference. Not only does it have a slipway in full working order, but most of the exhibits can be handled, and on display is one of the largest and best collections of knots and splices in the country.

Axel Stenross
Axel Stenross

Axel Stenross was born in Finland in 1895. He was the son of a boat builder, and he first visited Port Lincoln in 1924, working as a shipwright on the sailing ship 'Olivebank', when it was engaged in the bagged grain trade.

On his next visit in 1927, Axel, with a shipmate Frank Laakso, who was a sail maker, decided to settle in Port Lincoln. They were legally paid off and did not 'jump ship', as many Scandinavian seamen did.

Axel was still making boats right up until his death at the age of 84. Since then enthusiasts at Port Lincoln have kept his memory and his workshop alive. The Axel Stenross Maritime Museum is a step back..... with the equipment and the tools still as they were when the business was running. There's a fully working slipway and blacksmith shop and a range of photos and diagrams, sails and knots. It's just perfect for boaties who want to pick over the remains of how things used to be done.

The Axel Stenross Maritime Museum is easy to find; it's on the Lincoln Highway from the town to the airport, on the waterfront; look out for the dinghy on the pole.

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9am to 4:30pm:

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