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Heres a  gift to Zachary.
It's called a "Zoe" car seat.  He just loves it.  Exspecially when he saw these two other cuties enjoying it!!!  They can see what is going by safely, helps with motion sickness and comes in various prints!
If you would be interested in learning more or perhaps purchasing, click on the pic with the two Papillons in it.
Graphic Intense-allow time to load.
Zachary's Owner (About Me)
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Here's the Portrait that a very kind lady made of me!
Here's me at 1 year of age!
Zachary's 1st and 2nd Christmas!
My do we grow up handsome!
Click above link for my personal story.
Discription Prince WhirlWind Zachary--Papillon of Tri-Color-- As of 10/13/07, will be 5 years young. I am tall for my breed, being a tad over 13" tall, but I am 100% pure Papillon
Weight 13.2 pounds as of 9/02/07
Health Pretty good for the most part, but wish I could have bones and treats! Mom says I have food allergies like Beef and Chicken.
Medications Prescription Dog Food/Drops in ear for allergies.
Personality Luvable>>Alert>>Active>>Playful>>Easy Going
Hobbies Giv'N Kisses>>Playing>>Cuddling>Exploring>>Going on Car Rides>>Giv'N more Kisses
Life Goals To learn, taste and smell all there is>>Smoother Everyone in Kisses!
Favorite Place In moms arms or being close to her, where ever she is
Favorite Toy Furry Ducky and his ball
Favorite Treat Due to food allergies, I am not allowed to have one. (TEAR-SNIFF!)
Food Vet Prescription Kangaroo & Oats.
Tolerates Baths>>Nail Clipping>>Brushing Teeth>>Trimming of pad hair
Dislikes Not being able to go where mom is>>When cat is in crabby mood>>Visiting the vet doctor
Recent Events Trying out some moist food. Hope my body will tolerate it!
Upcomming Events Uh Oh! I think I heard the word 'yearly shots!"
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