Welcome to the IVD Orca, The Independent Verge Developments Corporation's mobile headquarters. The IVD Orca is a refitted carrier vessel which contains some of the finest spaceship design facilities and shipyards in the verge. IVD is also home to the IVD Survey corporation, a division of IVD, which specializes in surveying terrain in the Verge, their current task is the creation of a database on the Viracocha System, a single system with 2 habitable planets, and 2 sentient species, come back to visit us for updates on this report. The Orca will be making continuous relays between major verge systems to better serve the customer's needs.

Location: Currently continuing surveys of the Viracocha sector

Grid Catalog: Here is our rudimentary designs catalog, when the specifications for the new "Marauder" and "Badger" class ships are unclassified, we will be improving the appearance of this catalog.

"Tribal" All-pupose, military transport vehicle
"Dagger" Heavy Fighter / Frontier Transport
"Solarion" Military Patrol Vessel
"Fly" Fighter/Bomber
Note: All of these ships require military clearance or higher for purchase, downgrades for certain systems are required for civilian use.

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