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B-ur b-ur b-ur. Welcome to my Blue's Clue's Page. I absolutely love Blue and all her friends. I have all the video's and almost all the cassette tapes. I play with my Blue toys all day long. I hope you enjoy my pages, please be sure to sign my gustbook, Mommy does pay return visits.

THE NEW BLUE'S CLUES MERCHANDISE (JOE'S OUTFIT-Toddler Size 4T AND NEW NOTEBOOK) WERE FOUND BY MY MOMMY AT TARGET. ALSO YOU CAN CHECK ON EBAY.COM, BUT THESE CAN SOMETIMES BE EXPENSIVE. YOU CAN ALSO CHECK AT http://www.columbiaknit.com/clues.htmThis page has all sizes from kids to adult. They not only have the Joe Shirt but they Also have the Steve Rugby Shirt.

Please do not take my Blue's Clue's Doll it was made especially for me. You can click on the doll and get your own Disney Dollz at Mikala's World.

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Please do not take my Blue's Clue's Doll it was made especially for me. You can click on the doll and get your own Disney Dollz at Mikala's World.

It is with a sad heart that we, the fans and parents of Blue's Clues, bid a fond farewell to Steve, the host of the show for the past 5 years. Steve, you have touched our childrens lives and enriched their minds with the belief that they can "do anything they want to do". Best of Luck in all your future endeavors. May the joy, love, laughter and prosperity that life has to offer smile upon you and your new career.

Well, here is the new host of Blue's Clue's. He is Steve's younger Brother, Joe. From what I have found out by searching the net and nickjr.com Steve's departure will be in late April. The first episode which introduces Joe will air April 29th on Nickelodeon, (check your local listing for times). It will be a 3 episode prime time event that will let the kids get to know Joe. The way Steve will be leaving is that he is going away to college. (What a great way to promote education to our kids and make them want to go to college later on). In this 90 min. episode we will meet Joe, help Steve teach him how to play Blue's Clues, as well as join Blue, Steve and Joe as they skadoo to college to show the kids where Steve will be. There will also be a big going away party for Steve.

There will be some new music to the show including a new opening song, each episode will have the title of it at the beginning. Joe also will have several different colored shirts vs. Steve's green stripe shirt. It seems that Joe likes squares better than stripes (Steve loves stripes if you didnt know). From what I saw on the commercials it seems Joe has Purple, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue and Green shirts with a square strip in he center of the chest which resembles a film strip. This is being explained by saying that Joe has a "whimsical, preschoolers personality" and that will be shown by his actions, behavior and wardrobe. There will also be a new "We Just Figured Out Blues Clues" Song, a new notebook for Joe and several more changes. The changes are minor and the kids should adjust well.

I wish to give the creators and writers a big kudos for the way they are handling these changes. I am very impressed with the fact they are definitely taking the well being of our children into account. Some things will stay the same but adding minor differences to reflect that each person is an individual instead of just recasting Steve's part and having the kids, in some cases, tramatized by the fact that Steve is now 50 lbs heavier, a foot taller, sports a goatee and sounds like a bass drum. Way to go everyone.

Justin is extremely excited about Joe, we have talked to him about Steve's departure and when we surf nickjr.com we let him look with us and show him that Joe seems really cool. He will miss Steve but HE, Justin, said to us that when he misses Steve he can always watch a BC video. It also seems that Steve will make occasional return guest appearances (at least 2 that I read, in June and December).

If you would like more info on Joe or to read all the info please click on: http://www.nickjr.com/grownups/home/shows/blue/

or.........click our Joe Page below for what info we have found in our net searches.

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