Times are a changin'
You know I feel kind of sad doing this... it kind of seems like I am giving up hope on something that was important to me.  And perhaps I am.  For the past 2 years we have tried and tried ... we did not fail, but we did not sucessed either.  While I don't think that I-Man is lost forever, as you can tell, I have slowly let it drop from the front of my mind.  RL got in the way, and brought new things to the forefront.  For those of you who have been regulars to my site in the past, I apologize for dumping it and not saying a word, but I need to move on.  I-Man, and the people I met through it were a big part of my life, a part that I loved, but unfortunatly a part that is now over.  This site still exists, but now, it if for a different obession I now have, one that took over the hole that I-Man left.

For those who are not interested, I apologize again.  But for those who are new, or those who are interested, please continue on to my new site "FISTICUFFS: The Boys Behind the Game (a site for fans of the Pensacola Ice Pilots and The Florida Panthers).

I thank all of those who visited in the past, when my heart was controled by I-Man.  I miss all of you that I have met, and hope that one day, I will have to change this site back to its original cause.

--still an undying fan of I-Man but now a loyal follower of hockey
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