The Lion Voltron Episodes
Season Two

53 Dinner and a Show

Opens on Planet Pollux, as Sven Romelle and Bandor. When this is over we can talk of love. Lotor captures Allura Alfor rescues her.

54 Envoy From Galaxy Garrison

GG has sent an new commander to take over leading the defense force of Planet Arus. He is outraged at the youth and lack of order the young pilots exhibit. Hr thinks they use Voltron far to much and that good on battle strategy will work just fine. A Robeast attack soon proves him wrong

55 Mousemania

56 The Shell Game

A crustation like Robeast attacks the planes and gains entrance into the castle only Allura can save them.

57 The Traitor

Doom needs Lazon! The team goes to Zaul the desert planet. We meet Joran a slave of Zarkon and Omnia who lives there. Lotor had red hair? (Boy, I’m glad he stopped dying it.)

58 Voltron Meets Jungle Woman

Hagar’s latest experiment goes bad she tries to combine a fish and a man but doesn’t get the beast she imagined. The mans will proving to strong. She takes it to Planet Mira where they are harvesting ??? to put him to use there but he escapes. A Galaxy Alliance ship crash lands on the planet and Galaxy Garrison sends the Voltron Force to help We meet Lt. Lorn a pilot and a jungle girl named Mirana.

59 Little Buddies
Hunk goes on Vacation.

60 Who Was That Masked Man?
The Missing Episode does anyone have it?

61 Take a Robot to Lunch

Arus gets a visitor in the robot tech named MaryAnn she has come to pay her respects to her parents grave when the force follow her to her world where Cossack has stolen one of her robots and plans to use him as a new weapon.

62 War and Peace... and Doom!

The planet ? has separated from the Alliance Doom seeing there chance move in telling the planet they will be there new allies.

63 Who's Flyin' Blue Lion? The Return of Sven!

Peace talks on earth go awry as Doom attacks.

64 Enter Merla: Queen of Darkness

Zarkon decides to call in support in Queen Merla and Stride

65 A Ghost of a Chance

Merla plots to capture Allura and put her in her Cosmotron. Allura is lured out alone by the rumor of the resurrection of her father. Keith--alright... along with the rest of the team, save her, but she is captured again. Lotor later saves Allura.
Merla and Allura on Lotor...
Allura: “He thinks he’s so great just because he’s got big muscles.”
Merla: “They’re not really that big. I’ll tell you a secret. Underneath his uniform he wears foam rubber shoulder pads.”

66 To Sooth the Savage Robeast

(This is the episode that slaps you across the face. If you don’t think there is something between Keith & Allura after this one, then there’s no hope.) A secret admirer sends Keith a birthday present. Allura admits to her jealous feelings at Keith having someone interested in him. Later, Keith is missing his birthday because he’s out picking flowers. Keith is picking flowers? (Gee, I wonder who for?) Just as well for his present is poisoned. (FYI Keith's idea of picking flowers is repelling down a sheer cliff to get just the right ones. I need to make my husband watch this one!) Okay, yeah, I hear you Lotor fans out there. There was this other thing in this episode about Lotor and Merla getting hitched and separated too.

67 Doom Girls on the Prowl

A town hosts a parade to celebrate its hero’s. Statues of the Late king Princess Allura and Captain Keith are paraded through the streets with fanfare.
With Friends Like You...

68 Lotor - My Hero...?

69 No Muse is Good Muse

Merla and her muses.

70 The Alliance Strikes Back

Merla turns good? Lotor rebelliousness has pushed Zarkon too far and he schedules his execution he its to be chained and left to the Vultures to be made an example of. Merla helps Voltron then gets the Voltron force to help save Lotor.

71 Breaking Up is Hard to Doom

Merla asks Lotor to turn good. Lotor and Merla help them to defeat doom, or do they? Zarkon has a great line in this one. As the Voltron Force enters his throne room. “Let see, you’re looking for a heart, a brain, and Kansas.”

72 Fleet of Doom

The Forces of Doom team up with ? to destroy one of the alliances main powers bases. GG calls on both Voltron team to fight off the attack. Both Voltron’s finally join forces. Allura’s soul is captured by Witch Haggar. King Alfor sends Keith into the dream world to save her. Hagar’s history is revealed-- how she once was good until Zarkon showed her the power she could have and she couldn’t resist. Believe it or not, in this ep. good Haggar tells them. “Let your love be your guide..”

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