Welcome to my little piece of the web dedicated to a part of my childhood that I never gave up... Voltron, Defender of the Universe!

Voltron first aired in the 1980's and I, like many a kid, would never miss an episode. Over the years the tales stayed with me. I would often imagine further adventures that my favorite characters could go on.

Well, I got a huge surprise one day when I did a search for Voltron on the web. I was shocked to find others just like me, who wouldn’t let the show die. I started reading like a mad woman going on the adventures that others had devised.

That’s how it started. And now I'm hooked. I began putting fingers to keyboard and started putting down my own tales.

Soon I was inspired again by all the fan art that I found on the web. Being the crazed fan I am, I began creating my own pictures using screenshots from the original show, classic artwork and my original art to create my own scenes. My first one is on the top left of this site. This now has evolved into doing illustrations for my fan fiction.

I hope you enjoy my creations and hope they can inspire you, as I myself, have been inspired by others.


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