I Remember My Brooklyn
Bedford - Stuyvesant
Artie (Skippy) Wilson
Brooklyn, prior to the fifties, was a different place. There were pigeon coops on the roofs, a family bar close by (Rush's) and neighbors talking everywhere.
There was stickball,stoopball, ace, king, queen, Johnny on the pony and a bunch of other games which were played regularly.
There were sweet shops and ice cream parlours (Schneider's) and the local butcher (Ziggy's). Bohack was a small store on Fulton Street and it had sawdust on the floor.Sal the barber was there for years as was Spector's drug store.
We got our rolls at Molly Fitzpatrick's and groceries at Scaturri's. The tax man was Panky and the candy store was Noto's.Patty Noto knew Jackie Gleason and the kids used to get a kick out of Gleason mentioning Noto's name on the tv.

People had less money but were richer. People knew each other. It was a thing called community and we all had it. Families all came from the same area and lived close to each other for years.
Somewhere around the late fifties, early sixties this all changed. People moved here and there. Families moved miles from each other. People no longer knew their neighbors. The sights and sounds common to us all had changed. We lost something at that time that now we look back and reminisce of and feel a longing that never will be satisfied again.So here's to old Brooklyn!
MY old Brooklyn. I hope you enjoy these pages as they slowly develop. If you see something that you remember, drop me a note. It will be good to remember together.

Here I am with my oldest boy, Artie. This was about 1952. We were standing in front of our house at 866 Herkimer Street.
Here is a pic of my brother, Jimmy, my mom,May and my grandfather, Charles. This was about 1925.
I believe this is my grandfather's first candy store at 1865 Fulton Street.
He would later move it to 1882 Fulton Street.

Place your mouse over the photo to see my grandfather with my grandmother-Matilda (Herting) Wilson.
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