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Simply Sue
Welcome, this is just a place for me to put some of my favorite things.  I've always wanted to have a photo portfolio and now I have an online one.  I also have listed some sites that I like.  So, sit back, relax and browse around. 
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Click for my page on Ray
This is Ray, the love of my life. Check out my page on Ray.
This is me, Sue.
Canadian Wildlife Service
Colours: Green, Purple & Silver
Smells: Raspberries & Vanilla
Cars:       Silver Jaguar X-Type & '68 Mustang GT Fastback
Movies: The Outsiders, Star Wars, Silence of the Lambs, LOTR and too many more to list.
Actors:   Harrison Ford, Anthony Hopkins & Edward Norton
Actresses: Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore, Diane Lane.
Music:   Country, Classic Rock & some hip-hop and rap.
Artists: Terri Clark, Bryan Adams
Groups: Aerosmith & The Eagles
Tv Shows:Alias, CSI, Law & Order, The Mole, Survivor
Sport    Hockey
Authors:   Dean Koontz, Anne Rice, John Grisham, Jack London
Magazines:Photo Life, Macleans, Cosmo, Canadian Living
My Favorites
LoveTest - Love, Compatibility and Relationship Advice
'I wish I had wings so I could fly
               To mingle with the stars that grace the sky.'
Cool Links
My Photo Portfolio
Make Me and YOU Rich!
Click Here!
My Photo Portfolio
Justin's Lair
Elisha's Place
Kirra's Place
Sheena's Site
This site last updated on
April 18, 2006
Click the picture to check out my kids
Elisha & Justin,
My kids- my pride & joy.
Check out their page.

Women with Attitude
This Women with Attitude
Site is owned by
Sue Stephens

Proud to be a woman
with an attitude!

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Artwork by Jim Warren
Used with permission.
Canadian Gals on 
the Net
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