tobasdreamYou can twit and make money too
twitter money
This is about twitter applications and money making method using the application. For example is Tiny twit, this is an add on from firefox, using this adds on, you can twit any word from your site just only highlight the word or sentences, and the you can twit. Just simple like that...

How to twit an ads and get paid

By joining this Twitter Revenue or RevTwt, you can make money by posting an ads to your twitter account. As a blog writer or an Internet Marketer, sometime you get a referral link or an affiliate URL, that very long and hard to remember. You can shorten that URL with RevTwt Shorten URL tools, twit it or promote it to your favorite paid to surf program. If the shorten URL have valid click you get paid. For the details, how much you will get from this program you can go to this link

Twit, Just by Highligting The Words

You can twit just only by highlighting the words from any webpages.This adds on is very easy to use.  Blogger who wants to twit the content of the blog can chose many different word just by highlighting the words. I think this awesome. The installation process is easy and very quick, but this adds on will work properly if you  leave a comment at chitika lab, after submit your comment you will redirect to a page which consist of two line java script. Just copy paste the script to your blog, and you can twit.


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