Have you ever heard  "You have such a pretty face"?
All my life, I have heard "You have such a pretty face" and you know, there is a lot more to a person than a pretty face or outside beauty.  Matter of fact, I was a beautiful person.  Before I got swallowed by obesity and disability.  I am working on my beauty, inside and outside.  I have been "fat" all of my life.  This guy in Elementry school used to call me Refridgerator Sherry.  If you suffer from obesity; you know about the slanderous name calling and how it feels.  It feels horrible, and it causes us to lose this battle with obesity.  When I look in the mirror, I see a fat person, I can't remember seeing anything less.  When I was in high school; I looked at a picture of me when I was a child & I saw a very normal child, not a fat one.  That caused me so much anger; because when the picture had been taken, I thought I was fat.  But, basically because that's what other children called me!  Believing I was fat caused me to have a low self-esteem and get fat.  It is a vicious cycle.  One that, in most cases can't be stopped. 

This webpage is dedicated to those fellow overweight people that died trying, those who continue to struggle with obesity, and those who don't have the courage to break out of this
Prison they are in and have WLS.  Everyone's stuggles are unique, these are mine.....

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Name: Sherry Short
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Age: 26
Pre-op BMI: 52.5
Hobbies: Accoustic Guitar & being a Mommy#1
After (6 Months Pregnant with 2nd baby since surgery)
Before (Not even my biggest)
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