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    You are Home Improvement Fan number to have visited this web page since 3/23/97

    Welcome all HI fans! Here, you can download pictures, find information, and access links of Home Improvement. This is a web site purely dedicated to the show and the cast. This site is not endorsed by any of the cast or crew. No one in the production of HI has assisted with the making of this site.

    Well, Home Improvement is over. I'm still wiping the tears from my eyes but the series finale was a great show to end such a successful run! And the rest of the public must agree with me because HI's finale came out on top--it was THE most watched show for the entire week! What's more is that it was the fourth highest rated finale of the 90s! For more on the hilarious yet tearful finale, including how the taping of the finale went, what the cast will be doing next, how you can own a copy of the episode on tape, what the cast's favorite episodes are, info on the song specially written for the finale, and pics from the episode click here!

    Congratulations to the cast and crew for an episode well done! We will miss you, a tremendous thanks for all the laughs and tears! HI will always be number one to us! More power to you all!!

    Sorry that I haven't updated this page in years, I have been too busy with college and now starting work in the real world. I won't be updating this page at any point in the near future. However, I wanted to let you know that this page will remain up in its current state for as long as Geocities does not delete it. I hate visiting sites that have gone down and I am sure you do as well and therefore this site will hopefully remain on the web forever. Thanks for visiting and HI forever!

    Thanks for visiting my website! This page is always under construction. Thank you to everyone on the hi-list who has helped in compiling this information! Special thank yous go out to the following people. This page was created using Netscape and it is best viewed using that browser. Click here to read the entire disclaimer.

    I love feedback! If you have a question, comment, or would like to have your Home Improvement related site under my link section, please email me. If you find any mistakes (I know they are out there!) please let me know!

    Carly (

    Last updated:2/10/01

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