Fact Sheet for Parents & Teachers:
Very comprehensive fact sheet from The Royal College of Psychiatrists. Includes basic information about self harm and sources of further information in the UK.

Kharre's Home:
Kharre's page has a great section for family and friends broken down into sections - Introduction, Understanding, What Not to Say and Why, Positive Communication and Tips from Other Self-Injurers.

Banishing Shadows:
Information for families of self injurers written from a personal perspective. A mother talks about how she copes with her daughters self injury.

Helping Those Who Hurt Themselves:
This is a link to an article in Self-Help and Psychology Magazine written by Dr Tracy Alderman, author of The Scarred Soul. Under the heading 'How Can I Help Those Who Are Hurting Themselves?' the article is broken down into: Talk About Self-Inflicted Violence; Be Supportive; Be Available; Don't Discourage Self-Injury; Recognize the Severity of the Person's Distress; and Get Help For Your Own Reactions. The article has a "mail this page to a friend" feature.

Bodies Under Siege Web Board:
A message board specifically for friends and family members of self harmers. Find support for yourself & talk to others in similar situations. There is also a private locked board, which is not able to be accessed by self injurers, so you can vent to your hearts content.

Secret Shame:
The Secret Shame site is a great informative site overall. A great place to start if you want to understand the basics of SI. It has a section specifically forfamily members, friends or other carers.

SIARI - Tips for Helpers & Supporters:
Key points from self harmers about what they have found helpful. Site by Jan Sutton of 'Healing the Hurt Within'.

Information for Parents:
This page assumes that you are a caring, but not neurotically paranoid, parent. Informative & helfpul page from Wedge, a male self injurer.

Self Harm Alliance
What should you do? Breaking the myths. Ten incorrect assumptions about self harm.

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