Please read the following before e mailing me. Thanks.

I’m terrible when it comes to replying to e mail.

I am unable to give extensive personal help via e mail. I wish I could become friends with all the people that need support, but it’s just too draining for me. I have a harmful tendency to ignore my own needs and try to help others. So I’m trying to avoid that. If you’d like to talk to other self harmers I recommend BUS. I post there very ocassionally as 'ragdoll'.

All my ideas for stopping self harm are on this website or will soon be added. I don’t have any other ideas or tips to share. If you have any other ideas about how to stop – feel free to share them with me for publication here.

My husband doesn’t use the internet anymore, so if you’d like to talk to friends & family of self injurers then visit BUS.

If you’d your link on my site, then visit my free for all links page and add it there. I visit all links before they are added to the page. I have a page of my own favourite links here.

If you add my link to your site then I’d love to know.

If you’d like to feature any of my writing (poetry, fiction or ideas) on your site, then write to me and we can work something out.

If you're doing a research project or school assignment on self harm, I'm very willing to respond to any questions.

Graphics are not to be taken from this site – follow the links given at the bottom of each page. If you are a graphic artist and I haven’t credited you properly or you would like me to remove your graphic then just let me know.

Well done if you’ve made it this far. Believe it or not, I do like to hear from people. I had an e mail account attached to this site, but it expired, so I'm trying this form instead:

E mail:

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