These coupons are a variation of the love coupons I've seen online. It's often hard to express how you're feeling or what you need, so why not use a coupon? I've made 2 kinds of coupons. On this page are coupons for people who self harm to give to trusted friends or family. The second set of coupons are here. They are for friends & family to give to someone who self harms.

You may print out the coupons or send them in e mail. Just right click on each image to save them. The promise coupons have a space to sign them. There's a half finished coupon and a blank coupon to add any promise or request you want to make.

Space to write your own promise

Can be used by self harmers or family & friendsBlank for your own text / promise  / needs

I have no idea if these will be popular or not. I'd love to know if you use the coupons or have any ideas for new coupons. Sign my guestbook & let me know.

More Coupons

Page created: July 22nd '03

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