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Suicides and Deadly Accidents on Sayville Train Tracks!

History of Mysterious Circumstances and Collisions

Perils of Pauline - Pearl White

"Perils of Pauline"

The tracks that run through Sayville are no ordinary railroad tracks. These are the tracks that were used in the famous silent movie scene where the girl got tied down on the tracks.

<< A poster for the original filmed on the tracks running to Bay Shore.                                           The remake of the old serial.>>

Perils of Pauline Silent serial - girl tied on railroad tracks

Kid Plays Chicken on Train Trestle and Dies

In the 1970s there was a game between two kids. It is called "Chicken." The way the game is played is two kids stand on the trestle and wait for the train to come by. Whoever jumps out of the way first loses, and is called a "Chicken." So one day two kids played the game on the train trestle going over Montauk Hwy. They waited for the train until it came by.  As the train approached, one kid jumped out of the way. Hackett was hit by the train and won the game.

Dead Man's Curve

     There was a street called Lincoln Ave. It made a 90 degree left, then right. The Cartoonist's family lived on Lincoln Ave. After midnight one night his brother drove his car full speed past their house, then at the turn in front of his Lincoln Avenue Elementary school he rammed full speed into the OAK trees. The car "Poked" into the "Oaks." He did not die, he just lost an arm. He then walked a mile in the middle of the night without an arm to the railroad tracks and waited until the next train came by, and was ran over by the train. This occurred in the early 80s.

NEWSDAY STORIES of death on Sayville Railroad Tracks:

Tragically Down That Track Before Woman, 20, in replay of a fatal LIRR walk:
By Kinsey Wilson. Newsday Long Island, N.Y.: Oct 1, 1989. pg. 03
People: Nuzzi, Tracey, Mulay, Bret J, Dolan, Brian, Whelan, Dermot
In Friday's accident, Tracey Nuzzi, 20, and her companion, Bret J. Mulay, 29, were struck at 11:44 p.m. by a westbound train while walking along a trestle spanning Overton Street, just east of the Sayville station.
Brian Dolan, a railroad spokesman, said the train was traveling west on the eastbound tracks because of repair work in Bay Shore. Switching tracks is a common practice on ...

Man Killed by Train
Newsday. Long Island, N.Y.: Jul 12, 1991. pg. 37
An unidentified male was struck and killed by a train last night in Sayville, according to Suffolk police.

Train Kills Sayville Boy
Newsday Long Island, N.Y.: May 28, 1986. pg. 30
The 11-year-old son of a police detective was killed last night when he was hit by a train at a Sayville railroad crossing.

LIRR Long Island Railroad Collision and Crash Deadly Train Collision

 In 1950 there was a collision on the tracks leading from Sayville towards New York City, as pictured to the left. 32 people were killed and more than 100 seriously injured. There were people traveling to and from Sayville on both trains that collided.

Off Broadway Play called the "Sayville Train Station"

There was a popular off Broadway called, the "Sayville Train Station" about lesbians in the village. The dykes meet at the Sayville Train Station, and a replica of it is created the stage.

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