Samurai Jack and the Cartoon Network artist and cartoonist Genndy Tartakovsky

Samarai Jack

Samurai Jack Artist and Cartoonists, Samarai Jac

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Samurai Jack is on the Cartoon Network. The main person at the Cartoon Network is  artist and cartoonist Genndy Tartakovsky. Episode guide and cast. But there are other artists that are more creative than him.

Samarai Jack is the story of a great warrior sent to the future by the evil Aku. The world became a bad place under the rule of Aku, broken up into into tribes and ruled by Aku's  robots. Jack travels to the future in search of a time portal that can bring him back to his own time so he can undo Aku.

There is another cartoonist at the network that was very influential in creating the Samurai Jack.. Click here to learn about the other Samurai Jack cartoonist.

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