History of Long Island

Historic Long Island and History Museums



Clan in Long Island - From the 1920s

History of the Village - Linda Lovelace, Father Devine, Marlon Brando, Hazing, Secatogue Indians.

History - The World was its Oyster.

Paranormal Rumors - Myths and Legends

Photograph Collection - Historical picture collection.

Prostitution - History of whores in Long Island

Roosevelt Estate - Meadowcroft

Sayville Wireless Station - Where our fight in WWI started.

Witch Trial! - Sayville's founding family.

Movies, TV, Books, etc.

Jaws -  Author Peter Benchley uses Sayvillee as part of composite for fictional "Amity Island."

Keystone Cops - Filmed in Islip Township, Keystone Cops are Suffolk County Police! Silent films.

Little Rascals - Kids from Sayville<

Melissa Joan Hart - Her life in Sayville.

Others - Teen Witch by Ravenwolf, Actress Anne Sayre, Freaks and Geeks TV Show.

PowerPuff Girls - Compare their school to the school of thee cartoonist!

Reza Murder - Killer supported by Sayville Church membeers! CBS Mini-Series.

Sarah Michelle Geller - Melissa Joan Hart's Childhood Friend.

Cartoonist - His affect on the Cartoon Network

Broken Pledges - Movie about Sayville kid that was killed by other kids.

Faire of Evil - New York Times best selling author's novel about Sayville.

Hilary Duff's New Movie

Hogwarts! - The lightning bolt symbol and school of supernatural. Harry Potter.



Serena Martin - Killed a cheerleader.

Reza Murder - Killer supported by Church members!

Murder - Sayville Style - Under Construction

Pedophile in a Sayville School - Catholic Deacon Burke named in 1 billion dollar lawsuit!


Essays About Sayville

Really Like  - This essay by a Sayville Resident tells what the town is really like.

Survivor's Story - Grew up with Melissa Joan Hart.

Valedictorian - His thoughts on Sayville.


Sayville Links

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Long Island Film History, Movies, and studios filmed films on and about LI.




Anita Stewart, and Florence Turner who were on Bayshore and Brightwaters before Hollywood. The Keystone cops were created by Mack Sennett, who owned Keystone Films Long Island International film Expo and the Indie award and the Long Island Film/TV foundation. Bob Hansen is the Chairman and knows about the history of film on Long Island. Movies now being made and filmed, information about stars, actresses, actors, and auditions. Extras are needed, no talent agent needed. See your favorite star, actor, and actress at the studio film site. Silent films and their makers like D.W. Griffith and Charlie Chaplin. Soap Operas - Your favorite soap opera made in New York, as will as televion shows, dirct to video, and what you see in the Cinemas and theaters. Cinema history in Brooklyn and Queens has a long history. Celebrities from here include Harold Stern, Billy Crystal, Billy Joel, Twisted Sister, Pat Benatar, and Eddie Murphy. Another celebrity is Guy Lombardo who lived in Freeport. Walt Whitman was a poet. Movie made on the island. Melissa Joan Hart Sayville Directory of businesses. Long Island Indians. Departing and Arriving times for Islip MacArthur Airport. McArthur Airport limousine service and taxi service in the Sayville area. List of Sayville hotels, motels, lodging, and discount coupons for lodges. Sayville Motor Lodge is sometimes called the Sayville Motel. Areas advertising is available.  Rentals available. Sayville Civic Association has its meeting on a regular basis. Call for information.. West Sayville Civic Association meeting and Sayville PTA, at the P.T.A. roomFilmed on Long Island and the Long Island Film Society, Astoria Studios, and Keystone Cops at the Keystone Studios in Bayshore. Long Island Films, Movies, and studios filmed on and about LI. Movies and television  shows about Suffolk and Nassau County, Movies about Long Island, based on true story on Long Island. Edison films and Rudolf Valentino as the Sheik in Southahpton. The Long Island Film and TV Foundation is established to sencourage film and TV production on Long Island. Long Island Film & TV Foundation. Go to the Annual Long Island International Film Expo. long island film history information. The history of film on Long Island. Silent films made in Suffolk County. Vitagraph Company of Brooklyn and J. Stuart Blackton and Albert A. Smith looking for sunny film locations. Silent screen stars such as Fatty Arbuckle, Marie Dressler,  Hughie Mack, Virginia Norden Norma Talamadge, John Bunny, Bert Lytell,



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