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Did you go to Roxana High School? 

Are you a Roxana alumni?       Looking for a reunion?

Do you have information about a Roxana High School Class Reunion?

Do you remember when there was one building and one gym?

Do you remember stopping at Major Electric or at the Harbke's Drug Store?

Remember the Titsworth's house on the corner?

Do you remember Doc Davis?  Do you remember Chuck Connors?  Do you remember Mr. Kissack?

Coach Charlie Raich and the Shells Football team?  Or do you go back further with Coach McLane?

Do you remember the Shell Shack?  Do you remember Senior Skip Day?

Did you watch them build the new water tower instead of listen in class?

Do you remember growing up and going to Rosewood, Brushy Grove, Central, Edison, Burbank, or South Roxana?

Do you remember eating at the A&W Root Beer stand next to Brushy Grove School?
And then they tore it down to build a Pizza Hut?
And the Dairy Queen across Edwardsville Road from it? How about the Dog N Suds to the east of Brushy?
What about Wilson Boat Sales and Service?

Then you went to Roxana Junior High School, and you thought you were big when you had classes in the Roxana Senior High School building?

Do you remember breaking the ice on the pool in Roxana Park in early morning PE class?

If you went to Roxana Senior High School or Roxana Junior High School, here is the place to be. It isn't exciting with flashing colors or whirling pictures. It doesn't have anything to sell or ways to improve your life or body. It has only one thing:

Here's your chance to contact others
without all the subscription fees of these classmate
and reunion type commercial sites. Use the general guest book below
for notes to everyone from Roxana High School or
click on the link for the class you wish to leave a message for.


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Many of these class pages are empty. They are your pages.  on class lists and any pictures you would like to have on here. 

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When you saw these lights, you were almost home.
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