In these shrines, the poets of the Scorched Earth draw inspiration for their poetry.

Temple of the Burning Sands

Poetry, Art, Essays, and Fiction from the Scorched Earth

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Welcome to Temple of the Burning Sands, where you will find the poetry and art of the Scorched Earth. The lighting is harsh and the heat of the ground burns the soles of your feet. Here you enter a world of no compromise or retreat where everyone lives by one simple rule - What I can not have, no one else will. Thus are their empires built. It is a world of desolation and devastation where beauty and peace are created but for brief moments before being destroyed by the relentless laws of the Scorched Earth. Often they are destroyed by their maker who is in fear of losing them. An empty fear which is their only true art. Welcome to the Scorched Earth. Pray that you are only visiting. The Scorched Earth is not a place, it is a way of living. It's the way you live your life.

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