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Austrian Haflinger and German Hanoverian Horses

"If a Whole Horse is Too Much, Try a Haflinger!"

  Thank you for visiting RIR on the Web.  We have been breeding Hanoverians for 30 years but decided to 
give more focus to breeding Haflingers starting in 1998.  
  "For Sure" produced 2 fillies and 1 colt in 2000.  We also have a few W and N line Haflinger foals and 
yearlings for sale and a coming 4 Aristocrat son who has had lots of trail and show experience this year.  
At 15h, Alladin (Laddie)would make an excellent event prospect for the smaller rider.
  Our Hanoverian mares carry the lines of Gotthard, Prince Gaylord, Einglas, Alderschild and Gauloubet A.  
We produce a few select foals a year and usually bring them along to Training level Dressage before 
offering them for sale.  Please call us for a list of our current prospects.

Routson's Inner Riding Ranch
4560 Blanchard Road
Placerville, CA 95667
(530) 626-1177


Absolute TOF For Sure in Action
1995 (Aristocrat TOF x Rekka)

2000 Fee: $500.-
Booking: $100.-
Mare Care: $7.-/day Dry
LFG, Live Cover Only
Reserve Champion Stallion at Pony Show 2000!! - July 31, 2000, Red Bluff, CA
"For Sure" was named after a dream that was sure to come true!  He is a 
registered Haflinger Pony whose father, Aristocrat TOF, was imported from Austria. "For Sure"
is sociable with other horses and quiet and mannerly to handle.  He free jumps 
willingly with excellent form and we recently started him under saddle and harness.

We hope to have other pictures of "For Sure" and his friends up eventually.  
You can also visit his father the Haflinger Breyer model, Aristocrat TOF, on the web at Tudor Oaks Farm.   

"Absolute Class", RIR's first "For Sure" foal, arrived summer '99!  
A.C. is elegant and athletic with plenty of movement for Dressage.

"Caprielle", RIR's first "For Sure" filly, arrived May 2000!  
We had another name picked out for her but had to immediately change it when 
she started perfoming "Airs Above the Ground" at a few days of age.

Haflingers are fun for kids as well as adults!  You are welcome to come by our
ranch near Placerville and see Haflingers from foals to riding horses.

Haflinger Pictures!!!

"Red" and friend, 2 1/2-year-old Anessa, future champion!
More fun with "Red" and Anessa!

Haflinger Facts:

They have been selectively bred in the Tyrolian region of the Austrian Alps since 1874.  

They are known for their gentle, easy going, dispositions.

They are not easily spooked (bomb proof) and are very tractable.

They make a good family horse from trail riding to pulling a cart.

Individuals from the 'A' line, like the famous "Aristocrat", 
  are known for their excellent way of going and jumping ability.

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