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Joining the Guild of Renunciates

First of all: Sorry, yahoo has screwed up their web forms majorly. Lately not one single application got forwareded to me correctly. So from now on, this will have to go by email. Sorry for the inconvenience. But now:

Welcome, Breda! So you have decided to become a Renunciate? Congratulations!

Before you sign up, know that the basis of the sisterood is the Oath of the Free Amazons. With signing up you agree to this code of honor and are bound to the Guild.
Our community has originated from the RolePlayGame but has evolved to a real Sisterhood of Renunciates. If you wish to sign up for RPG please visit one of the RPG-pages and contact the Free Amazons involved in the play.

If you wish to transform your Terranan name to the Dakovan equivalent, check out the list of first names at Neskaya.

For application, please send an email to containing the following:


As a Renunciate you will be henceforth known only as the daughter of your mother.
So, please supply your first name* and your mother's first name*.

Give the reasons in some short sentences why you wish to join the Guild and what being a Renunciate means to you.


Have you already registered at any other Guildhouse, web or real life? Please indicate this below.
Registered Guildhouse:

Have you taken the Oath of Free Amazons?

If yes, please enter your Oath Mother's name*:

and if possible the Guildhouse you originate from:

If not, you can choose an Oath Mother once you are ready to take your Oath.

Please supply your email address* here:

and your homepage if you have any: http://

Do you have an ICQ number, AIM screen name or other?

Any additional comments?  

With this I apply to the Guild of Renunciates and consider myself bound by the Oath of the Free Amazons.

* Only the personal information you provide in the fields marked with * will be added to our Roll of Honor unless you don't wish it published. Please notify us of this then.

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