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      January 16, 2009

SUPERPOWER has signed an international distribution deal! We're heading off to Utah tomorrow for Sundance/Slamdance and to the award ceremony!

I am officially a member of ASCAP [The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers] and DREAMKILLER is officially DREAMKILLER, LLC.

DREAMKILLER is having our return premiere/live DVD shoot at Greene Street Club on January 23, 2009 with many shows to follow. Please so our WEBSITE for details!

      October 30, 2008

Please sign a petition to bring "Gospel Hill" to the carolinas!

SUPERPOWER has just been awarded Feature Documentary Prize Winner for the Moving Pictures 2008 Film Contest! It's going to be featured in their magazine and contest websites ( and and is being offered a distribution deal!

In addition, it has been accepted to screen at the Twin Cities Film Festival in North Carolina in the fall of 2008, the British Film Festival Los Angeles between May 3rd and May 8th 2009, and The International Film Festival Egypt between April 5th and April 9th 2009.

      October 7, 2008

DREAMKILLER has a new LIVE video posted on YouTube!! It’s called "STORY UNTOLD" and features our brand new lineup. Please rate and comment :)

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      September 20, 2008

"Superpower" was recently screened at the August Sun Film & Television Festival in LA. The main mission of this festival is to promote World Peace. The film was awarded BEST DIRECTOR!!

Exciting news about distribution for "Dogs Of Chinatown" is coming soon! In addition it has been accepted to screen at the Escapism Film Festival in Durham on Oct 18 & 19, 2008. Check out some exclusive clips on TWITCH

"War of the Living Dead" is now called "World War Dead"and filming has been postponed until the end of the year in light of the news from Dogs. I will be playing one of the female leads! Check out the first teaser trailer: HERE

"Wesley" is scheduled for theatrical release sometime in 2008. I play "Mrs. Hawkins" and most of my scenes are direct interaction with the lead, Mr. Wesley, played by Burgess Jenkins from "Remember The Titans".

George Clooney’s Leatherheads (also starring Renee Zellweger) is now available on DVD. Look for me near the concession stand and in the crowd! :)


"Gospel Hill" is scheduled for theatrical release in mid-2008. With stars like Angela Bassett, Julia Stiles, Danny Glover, Adam Baldwin, Taylor Kitsch, director Giancarlo Esposito, and executive producer Robert De Niro, it is already an overseas success where they’ve screened the film in Berlin. Distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, it has proved one of 5 Sales’ most successful titles internationally. I have a prominent feature as Angela Bassett’s friend in a scene that also features Julia and Giancarlo.


"April Fool's Day"                    
"Ta Ra Rum Pum"                    
"National Lampoon's Pucked"
"Tobe Hooper's Mortuary"       

April 2, 2008


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