In Just One Moment
09-11-03 12:34 PM

I did not know what to write today, but felt compelled to do so. I cannot compose the words I would like. Two years ago innocent people became heros, and the world as we knew it ceased to exist.
To the families and friends of the more than 3000 people who lost their lives that day, I offer you my love, and gratitude for your strength.

To those, like myself, for whom the impact was of an emotinal sort, but did not suffer a physical loss, I hold your hand. (will you hold mine in return?)

The days and weeks following this unimaginable tragedy are a blur.  But there was a glimmer. The silver lining behind the overwhelming clouds of debris was the brightest i had ever seen. The unity and beauty of the human spirit sparkled more brightly than the Hope diamond. In a city infamous for its callous disregard for others, and all across the world, complete strangers embraced and loved.  It did not matter who you were, you were a citizen of the free world. Black, white, straight, gay, rich, poor - we were all tainted by the dust that fell. We were one.

That spirit has unfortunately dimmed in the time that has passed. People have chosen to move on and move forward with their lives. I do understand that this is a defense mechanism.  To hold on to that spirit, for many, is to hold on to the memory of a time they would sooner try to forget.

I think it would be best that the next time we think to judge someone on anything other than their soul (and even then, who among us is innocent?), we remember that day, and the love we felt for our fellow people. It could happen again. We should not need to have a tragedy befall us before we offer our hearts and hands to our neighbours.

Just like the Kennedy assassination, in days to come, it will be a thing for people to ask "where where you when America came under attack?"
The following is a copy of the email I sent to a dear friend that morning. It is garbled and scattered in thought, but it was what I was going through at that time. This is "where i was" at that time.

Subject: wow....
>Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 10:42:00 -0400

>I woke up early because I have a sore throat. I called my mom. She
>told me to turn on the TV.
>I can barely type for the tears. How can this happen?
>There are times that I am so happy to be Canadian. We are jsut not
>an appealing target.
>I actually watched the collapse as it happened. I feel sick. How
>many innocent people died today becasue of one insane man proving a
>And what point is that, anyway?
>The horror...the senseless horror of it all...I can barely
>And now they are unsure if there are more attacks planned?
>I am so sorry.
>I was devastated by Oklahoma City, and the last World Trade Center
>bombing was scary, but never have I seen anything like this.
>I am hearing news of more terrorist acts happening as I type.
>I can't absorb this. This is so unheard of here.
>I better get back to the TV...I want to wake Missy, but I think I
>will let her sleep with pleasant dreams for this morning
To all people with love,
Reluctant Cowgirl
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