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Welcome to Red Barchetta's Web Page
Welcome to Red Barchetta's Web Page
Hey all, my name is Travis, and as you can tell, I really like RUSH! Everything from the debut album, in which John Rutsey was the drummer, not Neil Peart, all the way to the last...Vapor Trails. No, they are not my whole existance, but this is my first page and I wanted it to be about something that means alot to me, like their music does.
        Let's see, I am 34, married, have a daughter, and a step-daughter who is 27 and happens to be married to a guy I went to school with, so I have a son-in-law that is a year younger than me and calls me Dad, HA!
        Ok, back to the RUSH thing, I have seen them 7 times in concert, and this tour will make number 8. I saw them for the first time for the Power Windows tour with Golden Earring. I have seen them with Mr. Big, Primus, and even by themselves, which is better, I might add.
         Anyway, I am still working on building this page, so as soon as I learn HTML code, I'll be able to make it the way that I want.
         Take care, thanks for visiting.

           Red Barchetta aka Travis

        " Begin the day with a friendly voice, a companion unobtrusive, plays that song that's so elusive, and the magic music makes your morning mood" 
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