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Turtle Facts

If you don't have a turtle yet, this reliable information will sure help you decide whether or not to get a Turtle.

As any other pet, a turtle require care, love, dedication and time, and in one word, "Responsibility". Some people don't realize that, they think that to have a turtle is just drop some food in the tank when they have time. Other would have the very bad idea of leaving the turtle in the wild (learn more from tortoisetrust.org…) Captive reptiles will "pick up" certain germs that may not only be harmful to them, but will then pass on to the wild colonies they have been introduced to. And some others would think that is "cute" to paint the turtle carapace. All those actions are nothing less than despicable and cruel. So Don't do It!

Turtles are a popular pet choice for children - but perhaps not the most appropriate for younger children. They are not simple to care, and not great for handling, and in addition commonly harbor Salmonella bacteria which can be passed to the children if proper hygiene practices are not followed. Many children do not have the interest or ability to provide the amount of care and cleaning that a turtle rightfully requires, which parents should realize before deciding on a turtle for their children.

There is a law in the US that prohibits selling turtles with a carapace sized below 4", though some states don't allow the keeping/selling of any sized turtle.

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Slider's Profile
Trachemys scripta

Assorted "sliders" species could be found throughout the American Continent, from Canada south to Argentina.
Some species of the genus and locations are: Trachemys Scripta Elegans AKA red-eared slider (North America) Trachemys Dorbigni (Brazil - Argentina) Trachemys (The Caribbean) Trachemys Terrapen (Jamaica)

They are webbed-footed aquatic freshwater turtles. Their natural habitats are ponds, muddy-bottomed streams, small lakes, etc.

Sliders are more active during daytime, and they like to live in groups. When they are spooked they will promptly "slide" into the water. They won't hesitate to climb atop other turtle when basking spots are in short supply.

They are part of the reptile family, hence they are cold-blooded and in need of heat. Sliders bury themselves in loose soil or mud during the winter to escape the cold and hibernate.

Males are not as large as the females. The newborn measure 1 to 1 ˝ inches, and about 11 inches the adult. They reach their sexual maturity when they are 5 years old. (learn more…)

Sliders are omnivorous in their juvenile years, but they will become herbivorous as they grow older. Some have been known to accept red meat in captivity. (learn more…)
Their life span up to 30 years.

Useful Tips

Tip 1: There's no place like home! Try not to take your pets out of their home.
Tip 2: No Kissing, No eating, No smoking when handling your turtle.
Tip 3: Wash your hand thoroughly every time you come in contact with your turtle.
Tip 4: Keep your turtle's water sparkling clean. 
Tip 5: Use a soft sponge and warm water to clean your turtle's carapace every time you clean the tank. 







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