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Driving Lessons
This is a very silly and OOC fanfic about the gundam pilots teaching Quatre how to drive a standard!  (Yes, some is based on personal experience!!)  WARNINGS: Fluff, OOC, silliness, language, yaoi/yuri implications, heterosexual Duo (*gasp*), some Relena-bashing (probably the only fic I'll ever write with Relena-bashing).  Just try it!  Pairings:  3x4, 1x5, 2xanything in a skirt.

Flora and Fawning
This little fic was written with my especially wonderful online friend, AstroKender.  It was part of a fic-challenge on our mailing list--the theme was "masturbation."  So, er... WARNINGS: all hentai, all the time.  Some m/m thoughts, some m/f thoughts.  Oh, and prepare yourself for minor squickage.  Check out Kender's kawaii illustration!

From Forever to Forever
This multi-part fic is an angsty story about what could happen to the Trowa if Quatre ran off and married someone! It's long and angsty, and now the whole thing is up and running and I love it. ^_^  WARNINGS: OOC, heterosexual situations, yaoi implications, shounen ai, language, angst, lemony, random silliness, some sap, and Relena-sympathetic!  Pairings: traditional non-yaoi (1xR, 2xH, 5xS) and well as 3x4/4x3 and 4x Silvia Noventa. 

Heero's Secret
Here's a little ficlet I first wrote a long time ago, when I finished "Spin the Bottle."  It's very short and very light. Warnings: yaoi implications.

The Intervention
The song "No No Raja" by Moxy Fruvous inspired this little ficlet. It's about Quatre (go figure) and a little problem he seems to be having...  WARNINGS: Silliness, perhaps shounen ai, OOC, songfic.

I've Never
This was my first Gundam Wing fanfic ever!  It's based on the drinking game, I've Never.  Unlike most drinking fics, though, this one is a somber look into the boys' lives.  WARNINGS: a little angst, shounen ai, Relena-sympathetic, maybe some mild yaoi implications.  Pairings: not important--only 3+4/4+3 jumps out at me. 

A Moment of Reflection
For this fanfic, I decided to focus on Duo Maxwell for a change!  It's an introspective look into his feelings right after he saves Hilde from the Mercurius and the Vayeate.  WARNING: a tad angsty, heterosexual, sap.  Pairings: 2+H, a little hint of 1+R. ^_^

One Night
This one has a very unusual pairing, and it probably the *least* likely to happen in the gundam realm.  It's a lemony scene set on the Peacemillian and gives an introspective look at WuFei and Lt. Noin.  WARNINGS: lemon (PG-13, not NC-17), OOC, a little angsty, heterosexual.  Pairings: 5x9, 5+Sally.

This is a terribly sad little Quatre/Trowa fic inspired by my own real life situations.  For that reason, I would appreciate any feedback.  WARNINGS: yaoi/shounen ai implications.  ANGST. 

Pieces of a Story
Here is another introspective glance into WuFei (man, I love him!).  This has similar themes as "One Night", except now WuFei is explaining his life and regrets to the other guys.  WARNINGS: yaoi implications, heterosexual WuFei, angst.  Pairings: 1x2, 3x4, 5xMeiran.

Prayer From the Heavens
Well, this little poetic-fic was inspired by an old poem written by Ryoko-oneechan.  It features the most popular pairing in GW fandom, unlike most of my works.  It also is fairly deep in comparison to a lot of my stuff. ^_^ WARNINGS: YAOI.
Angst. Poem-fic. Lemon. Sap.  This is a Christmas present for a close GWML/OAFml friend! Pairing: 2x1!

Remembering How to Cry
Okay, here's another fanfic that came to me out of nowhere.  Like most of my works, it's a one-shot.  Unlike most, this does not deal with subjects of a romantic nature at all!  It's about Dorothy Catalonia . . . and she's not being really psycho.  It's just my interpretation of what *could've* happened after the final battle.  WARNINGS: um . . . a little angst?  OOC?

Silence Is Golden
Here's a little PWP fic I wrote for the GWML "Urban Legends" themeweek contest! It features Heero Yuy and lots of blatent yaoi. ^_^  WARNINGS: Yaoi, silliness, OOC, Lemon. Try it! Please!

Spin The Bottle
Probably my best-received fanfic so far, this is silly piece about the entire cast (minus the professors--that's just sick!) playing a game of Spin the Bottle.  WARNINGS: Fluff/sap, yoai/yuri implications, heterosexual implications, shounen ai, extremely OOC, Relena-symp.  Pairings: oh, here we go . . . 1+R, 2+1, 2+5, 2+H, 3+4/4+3, 5+13, 5+S, 6+1, 9+4, 9+6, 9+S, S+5, U+13, 13+D, D+4, D+R.  I know I didn't get them all . . . but I think you get the point!  It's a kissing free-for-all that's not even lemon-scented.

What's Meant to Be
Ah, this one is my pride and joy!!  It takes place in the year AC 201, and Quatre and Trowa have grown apart over the years.  They reunite, and they find that a lot of things in their past need to be cleared up before they can be happy together.  WARNINGS: language, yaoi, lemon-lime flavoring, ANGST, shounen ai, heterosexual ongoings, Relena-symp.  Pairings: 3x4.  But the more I read it, the more I think it's a 4x3.  Other pairings, too, but you have to read it yourself! ^_^

Wufei Chang and the Terrible, Horrible, Unjust, Very Bad Day
Have you ever read "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" by Judith Viorst?  It's one of the best children's books ever written, and absolutely perfect for Wufei Chang! ^_^  This was written for one of my closest GW friends, a person I hold very dear to me.  (Merry Christmas, Meph!) WARNINGS: silliness, shounen ai/yaoi implications.

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