Engine Info Links
Updated 11/28/01
Just click on a url to be whisked away to engine info paradise...
2.2/2.5 Modifications and Tech - http://www.lucasviking.com/shelby/modtech.htm

Dirt Cheap Supercharger (never tried this before, proceed at your own risk!) - 
http://www.turborick.com/main.html, go to Technical Information then Dirt Cheap Supercharger

Chrysler Turbo Engine designations -

Fuel Injector Info - http://www.concentric.net/~Gmckissi/sdacgl/FUEL.HTM

FWD Tech (has turbos, 16V, EFI, Carbed and 3.0V6 info) - http://www.thedodgegarage.com/, then look under
     FWD Tech

Turbo I to Turbo II conversion -

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