Info on My 1985 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo
Updated 9/5/01
This is information on a stock GLH turbo, which my car seems to be.

Engine Type:      Single Overhead Cam Slanted 4 cylinder 2.2L
Displacement:     135 cubic inch
Aspiration:          forced/turbo
Horsepower:       146@5200RPM
Weight/HP:         16.8lb./HP
Torque:              168ft.lbs.@3600RPM
Weight/torque:    14.6lbs./ft.lbs.
Weight:              2450 lbs.
0-60mph:            7.5 sec.
1/4 mile:             15.8 sec.
Skidpad              0.84 g

Update:  We stripped the car to get it ready for paint.  However, the whole car was mickey-moused together, and the frame was "tweaked" just a bit.  We decided that it wouldn't be worth keeping the car, so we stripped it down for parts.  My brother and I are now undergoing the huge project of putting  the 2.2 Turbo into my 86 Horizon.  If you need any parts, you can either go to my classifieds section or just
e-mail me ( for needs. 
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