A little about myself
Updated 9/14/01
I figured I would tell you all the mastermind behind this great site.  My name is Jay and I am a student at the University of Connecticut.  Great school, and the classes are ok too!  I fell in love with Omnis and Horizons the day that my brother bought the 86 Horizon 1.6L.  I guess it kind of runs in the family.  Even my Dad had one when I was a lot younger, and although I really liked the car, I never realized how much until my brother got one.  The car never ceases to amaze me.  When my brother finally allowed me to drive it full time (my parents didn't trust it to go "all the way" to York, Pennsylvania for school) I was really excited.  That car just always felt good, I still thinks it shifts better and has a better feeling clutch than my brother's new Escort and even my Dad's Taurus SHO.  There is something about an Omni that you just have to love.  Nobody really understands until they drive an Omni or some other Mopar from that era.  To me, an Omni is everything I want to be, reliable, practical, fun, and never let someone down.  People don't realize how much love I have for this car, and I guess not many people will understand.  But for all you Honda or Chevy lovers, remember this.  You don't have to want to own an Omni or a Horizon, you don't even have to like them.  All you have to do is respect them.  They are the best cars at what they are designed to do.  My Horizon 1.6L was made to be practical and be affordable transportation.  It has met those standards and exceeded them.  You see Omnis around all the time, and what other car could be sold in 3 different decades, the 70's, 80's and 90's?  A GLH turbo was meant to be practical, yet go like absolute stink, and it has done that.  I challenge anyone with any car.  You spend as much money on a car as you want, up to maybe $10,000.  I will spend 3/4 the amount you spent on your car on a GLH, and I will never lose. 

Maybe I will never understand how people could not like such a wonderful car.  But sometimes I am really glad.  The Horizon fits my personality perfectly.  Once I get my GLH on the road I will be able to embarass all sorts of people, and I hope to teach them a lesson, not just about cars, but about life.  The Omni and the Horizon symbolize everything that is good in the world to me.  It does not show off, it just does its job, and it does it very well.  For all the people out there who understand how I feel, God Bless You, and use other people's opinions on Omnis/Horizons as personality testers.  One more comment for everyone.  In Heaven, does everyone drive Omnis?
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