What the Heck is a GLH?

     The GLH was a modified Omni, it had a better engine, suspension, brakes, etc.  Starting in 1984 they made the carberated version with the High Output 2.2L.  It had about 110HP, which in a very light car like this made the car pretty fast.  Next, in 1985 and 1986, they continued making the carbed GLH, but they also started making the GLH turbo.  With 146HP and 168 ft.lbs. torque stock, these cars go like absolute stink!  Quarter mile times were in the 15's, which for a stock car back in 1985-86 was extremely fast.  Also in 1986 a man named Carroll Shelby decided to make his own GLH.  Dubbed the Shelby GLHS this car was an intercooled 2.2 turbo, achieving 175HP and 175 ft.lbs. torque.  Unfortunately, Shelby only made 500 of these cars, minus the one he even kept for himself.  He even admitted that the GLHS is his favorite car out of all the ones he made! 
      The greatest things about these cars however are that they are easily modified.  By bleeding the boost, and various other cheap performance parts you can achieve 300 HP+! 

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