2.2 Engine Pics
Updated 12/3/01
This is the Leaning Tower of Power, the center of all Dodge Front Wheel Drive Performance.
Click on the pic or the words underneith for a larger picture...
2.2 N/A, around 95 HP and 110ft.lbs. of torque stock.
2.2 Turbo II, 175HP and 175 ft.lbs. of torque stock.
A cool view of the 2.2 Turbo III
2.2 Turbo III with a picture of one of the types of cars its in, the Spirit R/T
A Cutaway view of the VNT turbocharger, which was made for lowering the amount of turbo lag, this turbo was the basis of the Turbo IV
2.2 in a Lotus.  Features dual sidedraft carbs and a turbo.  Although not totally designed by Dodge, what can I say, even Lotus wanted this sweet engine.
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