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Family Man Now playing in the USA!

Hi This page is a tribute to a great actor, Nicholas Cage. I plan to make this one of the top Nick Cage sites on the net. It's gonna take some time, but it'll be worth it! I have actively looked for Nick's flix since I saw "Con Air". He was great! Now, nick has several more new movies. they are: mr hugley, and will be shooting this fall in hopes of a christmas 99 release. next up is bringing out the dead, also scheduled to be released in 99. on another note, ving rhames, nick's con air costar, is also rported to be starring in bringing out the dead. in feb 99, 8mm will be released. it's about a seedy private eye hired by a woman to find out the origin of a snuff film found in her dead husband's vault. The detective's journey into the netherworld of snuff and hardcore porn is aided by a tour guide. if you live in New York City, New York, USA, Los Angeles, California, USA, or Miami, Florida, USA, you're in luck, cuz you might get to see nick film, and i'll be jealous!!! nick also has a movie scheduled to be released in thye year 2000, and nick is the only for sure signed star! (all info taken from internet movie database) ( I will hopefully have pix, links, fanfiction (if submitted), and visitors comments. Nick isn't the only actor on whose page I am working. Here are the others. But in the meantime, email me reguarding this page and I will respond asap.

snail mail nick at
5647 Tryon
Los Angeles, CA 90068


c/o VIP Fan Mail Service
P.O. Box 69646
Los Angeles, CA 90069

this address should also work:

c/o Annette Wolf Wolf-Kasteler
1033 Gayley Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90024




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