Meet the Care Bears
Bedtime Bear –boy--
Birthday Bear –boy--
Champ Bear –boy--
Cheer Bear --girl--
Friend Bear –girl--
Funshine Bear --girl--
Good Luck Bear –boy--
Grams Bear --girl--
Grumpy Bear –boy--
Harmony Bear –girl--
Hugs Bear –girl--
Love-a-Lot Bear –girl--
Secret Bear –boy--
Share Bear --girl--
Tender Heart Bear –boy--
True Heart Bear --girl--
Tugs Bear –boy--
Wish Bear --girl--
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Meet the Care Bear Cousins
"I'm the bear who keeps an eye on things while you're asleep.  I make sure to nap during the day so when the sun goes down, I'm ready to go to work."
"I'm a real good sport when it comes to playin' games.  Even though I'm quite an athlete, it's not whether you win or lose that counts...the important thing is to have fun!"
"Gosh, I just love paarties so much, I’m already planning yours!  I’d never let a year go by without our celebrating your very special day!"
"Evey day is a beautiful day when you have a sunny outlook like me!  I'm the bear who helps you find the happy things that each day can bring your way!"
"I'm the brightest bear of all and I just love to turn frowns upside down!  I've always got a mile full of smiles tucked away in case you're ever feelin' blue"
"Wanna be my best friend?  I hope so, because I wanna be yours!!  And, I have a feeling we're gonna be real pals.
" 'Today could be your lucky day!'  That's my motto.  Especially when we get a chance to meet and look for four-leaf clovers, horse shoes and maybe even a rabbit's foot or two."
"I've got lots of love for all my little CARE BEARS and nice children like you!  You can always count on me to care avout everything you do.  Just snuggle up close where it's nice and cuddly 'cuz that's what Grandmas are for!"
"Ever have one of those days when your ice cream won't stay on the cone or it rains on your picnic?  Me, too.  I sure know whati it feels liek to have a tough day!  But, if we stick together, things are sure to get better."
"Giving great big hugs tto everyone makes me feel terrific!  I love to hug all the CARE BEARS, especially my favorite 'big" brother, BABY TUGS BEAR.  Why don't we get together and see who we can hug today?
"They say 'love makes the world go round'...Well, it sure does keep me busy!  I help you find your special someone, 'cause it feels so good to be loved!"
"I'd give yo the symbol right off my tummy 'cause there's nothing I like better than sharin' with a nice friend like you!"
"Your secrets are safe with me 'cause I promise not to tell anyone.  Just between you and me, that's how I got my name!"
"Everyone needs to be cared about everyonece in a while and that's when you need me.  I help you share your good feelings with others and whereever I go, I leave a trail of love tenderness for all to follow."
"I'm the magic in evey wishbone, the twinkle in every wishing star and the keeper of every wishing well, 'cause it's my job to help all of your wishes and dreams come true.
"Don't let my babyish look fool ya'!  Just like the other CARE BEARS, I'm big enough to take care of myself and my little sister, BABY HUGS BEAR!"
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