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Autoclave concrete Chiangmai

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Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete was manufactured from natural raw materials such as cement, sand, plaster, gypsum, aluminum powder, and water. All components are mixed in fluid form. Aluminum powder will have reaction with plaster resulting in tiny Hydrogen permeates in the mixture. Hydrogen will evaporate leaving gap of air called Cellular Structure making PCC Autoclaved concrete a good insulator. All components will be autoclaved with high pressure at the 180-185 Degree (Celsius) for 12-14 hours. This process will transform the crystal structure to support higher pressure than non-autoclaved aerated concrete.



Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Products available are as follows:

<!--[if !supportLists]-->1.       <!--[endif]-->PCC BLOCK, size 20x60, 30x60 cm, thickness ranging from 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20…, 30 cm



With strong determination and development in technology and innovation in construction materials, Thailand’s construction industry can select natural and safe materials that can give the highest benefits.

Pile Concrete Chiangmai

Tel: 66-5387-2378

The concrete should have no less than 350 kg/square cm. of ultimate compressive strength when tested with cylindrical concrete limb 28 days through Industrial Standard 409 method. The ultimate compressive strength should not less than 280 kg/square cm. when tested with cylindrical concrete with 15 cm diameter and 30 cm high.
PC-wire (Pre stressed concrete wire)
               Use the wire with stress relieved quality size 4,5 or 7 mm as specified by Industrial Standard 95-2540. Minimum Ultimate Tensile Stress of wire should not less than 18,000 kg/ square m. The wire is pulled with the strength no less than 74% of the Minimum Ultimate Tensile Stress. PC-Strand (Pre-

PC-Strand (Pre- stressed concrete stand)
With the quality of Seven-wire stress relieved (Low Relaxation) size 3/8”, ?” or 1 as required by the Industrial Standard 420-2540 with the minimum ultimate pulling strength no less than 19,000 kg/square m. The wire is pulled with the strength no less than 74% of the Minimum Ultimate Tensile Stress.
Special reinforced steel
Round steel with the quality as required by the Industrial Standard 20-2527
The steel with the quality as required by the Industrial Standard 24-2536
The wire for concrete work PC-wire as required by the Industrial Standard 95-2540
The wire for concrete work PC-strand as required by the Industrial Standard 95-2540

Solid Plank


-  Convenient and easy to install
-  More convenient than laying cement at site, which takes longer time and more complicated
-  Planks can be carried by workers since each piece weighs only 42 k.g
-  The surface underneath is smooth and can replace ceiling
-  Suitable for all types of buildings
-  The length is between 1.50 m . to 4.00 m .

-  The plank with the length of 1.50 m . to 3.00 m . should be supported while under constructing at least 1 point in the middle. For the length over 3.00 m ., there should be 2 points of supports.
-  The supports can be removed after the concrete was laid for 7 days.




Benefits of PCC Post-Tension
Give more space between poles     since the numbers of poles in building decrease. Space for utilizing is then wider. PCC Post Tension is suitable for the length between poles from 6 meters .
Reduce the height in each floor     
since the thickness of PCC Post Tension is less than concrete beam as found in normal metal reinforced concrete (Post Tension is only 15- 25 cm thick) so it can reduce the height between each floor resulting in reducing cost of construction for other parts.

Increase more number of floors for buildings.         Since the height between each floor is decreased, the number of floor in buildings can be added up to 12 floors when metal reinforced concrete building can have 10 floors at the same height level. PCC Post Tension is then very suitable for by buildings in restricted height zone.
Facilitate space management since since number of poles is decreased and there is no restriction of beam position. The space can then be divided and managed easily. Walls can also be added later on if needed.
Reduce the length of time for construction.   PCC Post Tension is flat underneath (No Beam) and that can facilitate the installation of patterns resulting in more convenient and faster performance. Construction normally takes 10-14 days per floor and the whole system can be quickened.
Reduce the weight of the overall structure .   Compared with R.C. Flat Slab, Post Tension is lighter and that can save cost for foundation construction.
The strength of structure. There is a continuity of structure resulting more stable structure than other types.
Reduce the distorted shape . Not only the concrete has to bear forces all the time, but putting wires in parabola shape reversely to the direction of loaded weight also minimizes the reflex or distortion more effectively than other metal reinforced concrete structure.
Add resistance to breakage and reduce leakage.   Since the concrete has to bear forces all the time, chances of having leakages can be minimized.

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