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Hi...Two new recipes added September 2009 in the text area box below...Recipes on my recipe pages include desserts, cakes, bars, pies, squares, appetizers, slices, torte's, barbeques, casseroles, main dishs, meats, salads, crockpot/slowcooker, Ethnic, Christmas and more. I have an index page with all the recipes on my Kitchen site...see recipe index button below to enter:>)!...or you can search my recipe site...Food/Liquid conversions and Cooking Food Terms have been added in the last two text area boxes on my next page.

Monday October 12th 2009

Salad recipes here...

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"2 Layer Pumpkin Cake" and "Trade-Winds Salad"..."ENJOY"!"

Recipe #1

"Recipe of The Day"

2 Layer Pumpkin Cake
(with cream cheese icing)

From Joanne

Recipe #2

Trade-Winds Salad

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